The Unforgiven

Session 2

The party went searching for whoever might have been behind the attack at the alehouse the night before. Ugarth and Piper (the halfling boss of Ugarth’s gang) figured that if the attackers were planning to kidnap the party using a boat, then they might be holed up in one of two old smugglers’ dens in caves down the river. Piper offered to take the party down the river in his boat to check them out if the party agreed to pay him 100 gold from the loot they would find.

The first cave contained a troll (400 xp, 30 gp).

During the trip, Aurora used her blue marking ritual to examine Ugarth’s wrists, and the bright blue tattoo of a chain appeared again. Aurora could not discern anything about the chain (rolled a 1 on arcana check), which faded a minute after she withdrew her flame. The appearance of the mark unsettled Ugarth. Piper asked her to check his wrists as well, but no mark appeared when she held her flame nearby.

At the second cave, the party was attacked by a Drow and two trained spiders when they entered. Toward the back of the cave, the remaining ruffian from the attack at the alehouse was tied up, dead, and showing signs of torture. Once subdued, the Drow (named Kagen) explained that he was instructed to bring the party to his master in the Underdark, where the party would be richly rewarded, and he sought to kidnap them only because surface dwellers never go willingly into the Underdark. He said he was from a powerful drow house called House Drakkar.

A feast had been laid out the night before, apparently for the returning party of kidnappers, and the Drow invited the party to eat. The party manacled the Drow to the table and two of the party began to eat. The food was all poisoned, and when it took effect, Kagen attempted to flee. He only managed to free his hands, not his manacled legs, so the party easily subdued him a second time.

In Kagen’s trapped chest (disarmed by Ugarth), the party found 300 gold (not the 3000 they expected, some wood chips painted to look like gold, and a false bottom to the chest. Kagen obviously had no intention of paying his hirelings (hence the poisoned feast).

In the chest the party also found three wax figurines shaped like bats, which Kagen explained could be used as the components of the Animal Messenger ritual in lieu of capturing a small animal for the task. There was also an ornately carved wand that could be used to emit a blue flame similar to the flame Aurora can produce, Lord Entwhistle’s forged seal, and a short note written in Elven.

Kagen clammed up once the party determined he was lying.


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